Honeybees and Africanized bees are a common problem here in Southern California. It is not unusual for a swarm of bees to move into residential homes or commercial buildings. Infesting walls and attic spaces, building their hives in any available hollow they can access.

It only takes one small hole or a crack big enough for a bee to squeeze through and they can start living in your building.

A Beehive can be touchy. Honeybees can become aggressive and dangerous at any time. Even bees that are kept by Beekeepers can suddenly turn on you for no apparent reason. Many people are hurt every year by attempting to treat beehives without the proper tools and safety equipment. Leave the dangerous work to us, that’s what we’re trained to do.

For San Diego bee control or removal services, All Cities Pest Control has the experience necessary to take care of the problem safely and effectively. Bees can be a real problem for homeowners. If you have a high volume of these pests around your property, they can be extremely dangerous whether or not you or a loved one is allergic. Take care of your home with our expert services.

We are a fully licensed and insured team of extermination professionals. We have professional-grade tools and have experience working with this potentially dangerous insect. We perform a thorough job so the problem does not return. If necessary, we have emergency services available. Don’t go another day worrying about getting stung on your own property. We also take care of other similar pests such as wasps and hornets. We eliminate the problem through extermination, regular control maintenance, and removal.

When you need San Diego bee control or removal, call the professionals at All Cities Pest Control. We are a family owned and operated company committed to excellence, the kind major companies claim to provide. For a personal and friendly approach, call us for all your pest care needs. We can even provide free over the phone quotes. Call today!