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bedbugs The effects you can get if you have been bitten include rashes, allergy and others. These bugs are characterized by a reddish or light brown color and an oval shape. Having bed bugs in your home is not safe for you and your family. They can cause some health issues so it is important to learn their signs.

Sign #1 Bites: When they bite, you can see a little red spot on your skin. You will not feel that you have been bitten until a few minutes after their feeding is completed. They can continue feeding for ten minutes and usually attack at night when you are asleep. Bites normally appear in rows or clustered together. For a vast majority of people, this is the first sign of bed bugs.

Sign #2 Waste: They shed skins as they grow and mature so look for these. Check for blood stains or feces from the insect which can be seen on your mattress. Stains or feces are commonly seen in the inner part of your mattress around the box spring or linen. Eggs are more difficult to spot, as they are light in color and about the size of grains of salt.

Sign #3 Live Bugs or Nymphs: You should look in the possible spot where you think they will hide. They look like tiny cockroaches about ¼ inch in size. They love to hide in mattresses, linens, and furniture. Check every possible hiding place so that they can all be exterminated. To catch them in the act can work as well. Have a flashlight with you in your bed and before dawn, turn it on and try to observe the sheets for certain movements. Bed bugs come out only once a week which makes spotting them much less likely. The young ones (nymphs) are smaller and light in color making them extremely difficult to spot.

If you confirmed that there you really have these bugs, then, the next thing you should do is get rid of them. Using an insect killer or using a vacuum, you can get rid of all the bugs with repeated applications. However, most people rely on exterminators to do the job right the first time. Knowing the signs of bed bugs can help you in early detection and prevention of a massive infestation. Most important you will avoid the unpleasant rashes and itches that they cause.

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